Cobertechnic Automated Retractable Roof

COBERTECNIC Retractable roof systems are completely watertight and airtight and provide a high degree of insulation against the elements, ensuring optimal energy use. The high-quality design of the profiles that make up the system ensures that they are also lightweight. They are easy to install and do not require construction work. They can be installed with rainwater gutters and downpipes.

T5000 Motorized

COBERTECNIC T5000 Retractable Roof consisting of three, four or five panels, allowing for openings of 2/3, 3/4 or 4/5 of the entire roof surface. In this case it is always the top panel that must remain fixed in place.

  • These roofs are supplied direct from the factory with the panels fully assembled; the tracks and the attachment supports, with the motor fitted, and the rest of the sections cut to length and ready to be installed on site.
  • The maximum extension possible with the 4-rail track is 7 metres.
  • The maximum extension possible with the 3-rail track is 4.5 metres.
  • T5000 roofs come with 16 mm thick cellular polycarbonate panels, 16 mm sandwich panels or glass panes. The composition of double-glazed panels is 3+3 laminate on the interior, a 15 mm gap and a hardened 4 mm glass pane on the outside. 4+4 glass laminates also are availables.