Skylights / Sky roofs

Skylights maximizes the use of natural light into your home. It creates the illusion of space which is ideal for smaller homes and also allows a piece of nature into your home. Skylights can help save on electricity charges as it lessens the need for electric lights during the day. It also helps to heat up your home naturally during the day and allows you to save electricity and enjoy the outdoor environment. Sky roofs are of a modern look and add value to your home.

There are different styles and shapes of sky roofs available to suit individual needs. Apex sky roof: Suitable for circular openings in a concrete slab.

Glass entrance canopies

This latest product enclosures above your entrance door is popular. It is modern, attractive and suits any style house, especially if the entrance door is exposed to rain and sun. It is the perfect way to welcome guests and make an unforgettable first impression.

Different styles:

  • Mono-pitched entrance canopy: This is a straight entrance canopy that is fitted in a downward slope.
  • Hipped entrance canopy: This glass canopy is shaped like a mini Tuscan-style roof and is mounted directly to the wall.